Asking My Crush To Be My Girlfriend

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  • herbert diaz
    herbert diaz8 muaj më parë

    Best couple out there!!

  • Flexing fletchYT

    Flexing fletchYT

    6 muaj më parë


  • Little Rookie

    Little Rookie

    6 muaj më parë

    @Jim Moreno wtf🤣🤣🤣

  • Zuey So2

    Zuey So2

    6 muaj më parë


  • Oni Giri

    Oni Giri

    7 muaj më parë

    Might wanna unpin this now💀

  • Starri night

    Starri night

    8 muaj më parë

    lies on lies

  • Agomri
    Agomri7 ditë më parë


  • Lun
    Lun21 ditë më parë

    she needs to put on a mask

  • Papas Garcia
    Papas Garcia22 ditë më parë

    Mission Beach?!

  • lethal _hh
    lethal _hh24 ditë më parë

    On my recommended

  • lethal _hh

    lethal _hh

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  • HOWLER Gaming YT
    HOWLER Gaming YT27 ditë më parë

    3 mill baby

  • Jimmy Hauhnar
    Jimmy HauhnarMuaj më parë

    Ugly AF together

  • Geo Mejia
    Geo MejiaMuaj më parë

    Honestly wanna see them together again but Rice out wildin😂😂

  • A. Tadpole

    A. Tadpole

    11 ditë më parë

    she cheated bro lol

  • pj the boy

    pj the boy

    26 ditë më parë

    facts bro

    BUT SLiMEMuaj më parë

    Her moma fine af

  • loaf lan
    loaf lan2 muaj më parë

    Bruh this is soooo good and funny. You really freaking out over the mask tho. Only be scared if you got some lung problems and if you dont take vitamins 👀 9.6*

  • Lajan
    Lajan2 muaj më parë

    ain’t nobody peeped her mom though?🥲

  • Twelvy Rs
    Twelvy Rs3 muaj më parë

    Fuck she is so genuinely beautiful. So much better looking than Abby

  • Sasukeeditlord
    Sasukeeditlord3 muaj më parë

    9:09 for the big question

  • Gloria Williams
    Gloria Williams3 muaj më parë


  • Jomari Delapaz
    Jomari Delapaz3 muaj më parë

    I swear I heard dynamic duo by teejayx6

  • Leon Esperanza
    Leon Esperanza3 muaj më parë

    Wtf is wrong with rice hair🤣🤣

    TUẤN TRẦN OFFICIAL3 muaj më parë

    So cute couple..

  • DaLightskinDemon
    DaLightskinDemon3 muaj më parë

    There’s no fuckin way that’s really her moms😳😳

  • Chief O
    Chief O3 muaj më parë

    Nah bro she fr a 10 tho 😭 rice upgraded jk but im happy for rice man 💯

  • GDgarou
    GDgarou3 muaj më parë

    Why do I feel like these comments are bots?

  • joshua daza
    joshua daza3 muaj më parë

    my brother said is that ricegum i said ya he said is that his siste lol

  • Chieko
    Chieko4 muaj më parë

    Congrats 🎉

  • saif ansari
    saif ansari4 muaj më parë

    this is so scripted

  • MeowMeow Livmeow
    MeowMeow Livmeow4 muaj më parë


  • Robz vaph
    Robz vaph4 muaj më parë

    I'm burning inside out of jelousy seeing his girlfriend.

  • Day in the life of a DAD
    Day in the life of a DAD4 muaj më parë

    Her man is bad tho lol

  • Edward Samson
    Edward Samson4 muaj më parë

    Bro mind your own business.

  • halima mohamed
    halima mohamed4 muaj më parë

    why dose your girl not where a mask

  • OA - 09CL 755325 Port Credit SS
    OA - 09CL 755325 Port Credit SS4 muaj më parë

    Bruh change your pfp

  • Taylor Robles
    Taylor Robles4 muaj më parë


  • Taylor Robles
    Taylor Robles4 muaj më parë

    I SWEAR Abby was sooo better she says “omg my shoes untied YOU SUCK AT IT “

  • Oliver Sitt
    Oliver Sitt4 muaj më parë

    Do I hear Chinese in one of the sound effects at around 3:30?

  • sherwin ramirez
    sherwin ramirez5 muaj më parë

    Well...I think guys you're a good couple also CONGRATS!!!!

  • Vert Zooming
    Vert Zooming5 muaj më parë


  • Darren Canada
    Darren Canada5 muaj më parë

    The mom tho..

  • kasey weiss6981
    kasey weiss69815 muaj më parë

    when times were simpler

  • Tu Muck
    Tu Muck5 muaj më parë

    Even her mom I'd do uggh

  • BGaff
    BGaff5 muaj më parë

    Yo rice you should date her mom...

  • Jonathan Kukuruku
    Jonathan Kukuruku6 muaj më parë

    Dang her momma young

  • Nylreg Oreluc
    Nylreg Oreluc6 muaj më parë

    They're personalities fit each eachother..

  • Nylreg Oreluc
    Nylreg Oreluc6 muaj më parë

    This is why I'm so into Asian girls they're so down to earth and chilled not stuck up like White girls...probably why I married a Filipina...

  • Nylreg Oreluc

    Nylreg Oreluc

    5 muaj më parë

    @Ken Fern ya there usually the ones who've been influenced by Western society..

  • Ken Fern

    Ken Fern

    5 muaj më parë

    @Nylreg Oreluc some Asian girls only date white or hate their ppl too. I met some tbh. They r stuck up too

  • Nylreg Oreluc

    Nylreg Oreluc

    5 muaj më parë

    @Ken Fern sorry thought u were referring to her, but ya white girls just try to for guys who can put up with thier snobness and guys who can put up with thier attitudes thinking they're all's why I can't stand Western women I find Asian girls and Filipinas more down to earth and have strong family values.

  • Ken Fern

    Ken Fern

    5 muaj më parë

    @Nylreg Oreluc she filipino ik dat. Did u not read my comment?

  • Nylreg Oreluc

    Nylreg Oreluc

    5 muaj më parë

    @Ken Fern she's not white.

  • Michelle Watson
    Michelle Watson6 muaj më parë

    Why his profile still with his ex?

  • Crimson
    Crimson6 muaj më parë

    rice looks actually happy

  • Sammie_Boi Haha
    Sammie_Boi Haha6 muaj më parë

    “What if the dog dieded” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kevin Donis
    Kevin Donis6 muaj më parë

    3:28 lmao the Asian voice always makes me crack up 💀

  • andy long
    andy long6 muaj më parë

    smash her backside quick bro before anyone get it before u

  • KingCecilLion YT
    KingCecilLion YT6 muaj më parë

    bruh her mom is beautiful

  • Playzton9
    Playzton96 muaj më parë

    I always tie my shoes like Rice did

  • ValLey ToNyVidzz
    ValLey ToNyVidzz6 muaj më parë

    Nah but fr why don't she got a mask

  • Tim Fang
    Tim Fang6 muaj më parë

    at least u got a girl now

  • - Ressultah-
    - Ressultah-6 muaj më parë

    Rice gum love his family gum pfp to change it 😔🤍

  • Alex or Nah
    Alex or Nah6 muaj më parë

    well this video didn’t age well

  • Mcfishy First
    Mcfishy First6 muaj më parë

    Golden rule dating is if it doesn’t work the first time it’s probably not gonna work out the same time unless you have a lot of money and then does that really make you feel better?

  • Gacha _boy126
    Gacha _boy1266 muaj më parë

    Rice why you do that barber like that 🤣😂

  • Gerardo Garcia
    Gerardo Garcia6 muaj më parë

    i like her and then a lot better than abby

  • Marquese Jr.
    Marquese Jr.6 muaj më parë

    The Background music though

  • WetRee
    WetRee6 muaj më parë

    wtf her mom bad asf

  • Puffie
    Puffie6 muaj më parë

    Rice gets a girl and forgetting bout us but we been here since day 1

  • jupiter
    jupiter6 muaj më parë

    Mo yo shi etr

  • Unique Rishi
    Unique Rishi6 muaj më parë

    Best Couple 👌❣️👍 🇮🇳 #UniqueRishi

  • Erblin Jahiri
    Erblin Jahiri7 muaj më parë

    You should've date her mom.

  • Little Rookie

    Little Rookie

    6 muaj më parë


  • Kushyfromda9
    Kushyfromda97 muaj më parë

    3:28 had me dead

  • Eric Bocchino
    Eric Bocchino7 muaj më parë

    Rice is shooting for the mom next

  • Eric Dai
    Eric Dai7 muaj më parë

    Who's here after Abby's return :o

  • Fran
    Fran7 muaj më parë

    Honestly good for Rice for not taking pics with the kids with no masks

  • beanooo
    beanooo7 muaj më parë

    mans grip tape says scooters suck but he can’t even do a mf kickflip

  • Anthony Martinez
    Anthony Martinez7 muaj më parë

    Yo the mom be fire I can’t lie

  • chrisswaggasanchez
    chrisswaggasanchez7 muaj më parë

    Damm rice yo mother in law Beautiful 😂🥰

    MR. RYLAN7 muaj më parë

    She beautiful but she look to young😂😭

  • yee boi
    yee boi7 muaj më parë

    Wtf her mom is fire

  • Joni Gamble
    Joni Gamble7 muaj më parë

    Woooow she is hella pretty 😍😍

  • Emirhan Coksurer
    Emirhan Coksurer7 muaj më parë

    It’s all plastic that’s the reason rice is dating her

  • Wavy_Geeko
    Wavy_Geeko7 muaj më parë

    U guys know that rice pays her to be his girlfriend😂

  • xxquinxx
    xxquinxx7 muaj më parë

    this is so cute

  • xxquinxx
    xxquinxx7 muaj më parë


  • Saleena Hopkins
    Saleena Hopkins7 muaj më parë

    her mommm, she bad ashhhh 😍 no wonder they both beautiful

  • Xavier Bullock
    Xavier Bullock7 muaj më parë

    At least he upgraded well in my opinion

  • Hellbow
    Hellbow7 muaj më parë

    hold up!!!!! THATS HER MOM?! she look hella young wtf

  • uzaki chan
    uzaki chan7 muaj më parë

    Rice gum she cheated on you its all on camera

  • Hazz Kun
    Hazz Kun7 muaj më parë


  • dulce g
    dulce g7 muaj më parë

    she's so pretty bruhh 😫

  • Movie Box
    Movie Box7 muaj më parë

    Rice gum needs lock her in

  • Jude Okoukpai
    Jude Okoukpai7 muaj më parë

    I just started watching him and he is very interesting

    LIM HANNAH Moe7 muaj më parë


  • Yerkyy
    Yerkyy7 muaj më parë

    upgrades rice...UPGRADES!!!

    JCBEVERLY7 muaj më parë

    you dropped this on my birthday

  • jordan Watson
    jordan Watson7 muaj më parë

    4:00 my dude rice check-in the young niggas

  • Mister. Squid
    Mister. Squid7 muaj më parë

    Good job. Rice gum broke the stereo type of all Asians being smart

  • D-Hawk Beats
    D-Hawk Beats7 muaj më parë

    2:06 “Why does no one have a mask on?” As she’s not wearing a mask lol

  • Eugene Setiawan
    Eugene Setiawan7 muaj më parë

    I think you should pay for the dog injury. It is not fair for your girlfriend family to pay for this sickness because of your reckless behaviour. Be a man not a toddler.

  • Chango Peludo
    Chango Peludo7 muaj më parë

    Change the profile pic mane 😂

  • 1k subscribers with only memes
    1k subscribers with only memes7 muaj më parë

    Lol the profile is still abby and rice

  • Swotch nelli
    Swotch nelli7 muaj më parë

    Elleries mom is literally so hot wth 😱

  • Kathy Kinder
    Kathy Kinder8 muaj më parë

    No you need to set Alex up

  • Kathy Kinder
    Kathy Kinder8 muaj më parë

    Rice your girlfriend is Gorgeous

  • andrew
    andrew8 muaj më parë

    Bruh mind yo own business 😂😂

  • Humor Beast
    Humor Beast8 muaj më parë

    Her mom really said, Hey DoG kiLleR

  • Gummybear 616
    Gummybear 6168 muaj më parë

    she bad bro

  • Keith Solomon
    Keith Solomon8 muaj më parë

    Anyone know the name of the sad instrumental at the end of the vlog?

  • Rayyan Shahid
    Rayyan Shahid8 muaj më parë


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